Funkenflug aus flammenden Synapsen.

What could possible go wrong at that point?

— ölf's turn 1 —
ölf activates the dogma of Metalworking1.
... ölf draws and scores Archery1, Masonry1, City States1, Oars1, Domestication1, and The Wheel1.
... ölf achieves Monument!
... ölf draws Writing1.

Games night A: Clash of Cultures. Yeah, nice, feels a lot like Civilization. Took about four hours though and at the end I was begging them to take my final city so I could be home by 1am.

Games night B: Innovation. Nice, though you probably don't want to play more than three games in a row. 3rd edition Oars seems very overpowered. In a four-player game, it practically cleaned out an age and a half with one play.

The Tw*tter experience

"We just sent you a verification mail." (No, you didn't.) Five minutes on… "Ohai, we've locked your account for violation of the ToS." (No, I haven't. Do you not like that I have an ad blocker? Tough.) "Please give us a phone number to call you to unlock the account." (Yeah, right. Ah well, I can redirect one of the pointless numbers at work…) "This phone number is not supported."

Yeah, I can start to see how the surrealDonald has a case of high blood pressure by the time he gets to type his 140 characters of invective.


The latest Chrome update seems to have shot the local cookie jar, yet again. Frankly, I'm appaleed by software makers' inability to manage things like prefs storage and session storing. (hello, all Linux desktop environments, why is it I still need to use —geometry and start things by script so my windows end upon the right screens?)

Bah. Also, Wordpress can go fuck itself with a spoon. We'll tell them it was rusty and jagged after the fact.

Branes are weird

The tail end of the night's dream gave me a game that was packaged in something that was somewhere between a padded envelope and a popcorn bag (dream-me thought it was an MRE bag), and where the bag itself was supposed to be torn apart into tokens. The components inside were reminiscent of Food Chain Magnate, down to the folded-menu player aid, but the whole thing must've been somewhat military-themed since the tokens on the packaging looked like wargame counters, -ish. Also it already was a localized version, which sucks for wargame designers, because we have words like Raketenartilleriefeuerleitoffizier. Anyway, I distinctly remember there being a typo on one of the counters, the kind of typo you'd make if you're not a native speaker, yet at the same time I was awake enough to be amused that my subconscious dragged up a weird military occupational term like that. (Also, a first-person view FCM that is military-themed, whaaaaaaaa? I should stop watching Rahdo to fall asleep, I guess.)

Also, I should get on with 18oz Burgers.

On a typical friday night, I am...

sending customers troubleshooting advice, apparently. #dienstleistungsheld #getalife

Tap tap tap

is this thing on? I'm adding disqus comments to the site. Please note that disqus probably does all the bad nasty things re tracking that you'd expect a company to do that tries to make money and doesn't charge me. (They comply with EU safe harbor/privacy shield, though. I know that's not worth a whole lot.)

"Bonnie & Glide" lube? Srsly?