Funkenflug aus flammenden Synapsen.

Branes are weird

The tail end of the night's dream gave me a game that was packaged in something that was somewhere between a padded envelope and a popcorn bag (dream-me thought it was an MRE bag), and where the bag itself was supposed to be torn apart into tokens. The components inside were reminiscent of Food Chain Magnate, down to the folded-menu player aid, but the whole thing must've been somewhat military-themed since the tokens on the packaging looked like wargame counters, -ish. Also it already was a localized version, which sucks for wargame designers, because we have words like Raketenartilleriefeuerleitoffizier. Anyway, I distinctly remember there being a typo on one of the counters, the kind of typo you'd make if you're not a native speaker, yet at the same time I was awake enough to be amused that my subconscious dragged up a weird military occupational term like that. (Also, a first-person view FCM that is military-themed, whaaaaaaaa? I should stop watching Rahdo to fall asleep, I guess.)

Also, I should get on with 18oz Burgers.