Funkenflug aus flammenden Synapsen.

This is not the error page you aren't looking for

Tired of manually managing redirects because users can't spell? Proxy all 404 pages to your local link shortener, and let that sort it out.

ErrorDocument 404 /.404/%{sha1:%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI}}?%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^/.404/(.*)$ http://sho.rt/$1 [P]

(Needs to be a [P] in order to not have a redirect to a 404 in case of non-existing page.)

In case I ever need this again, part 57

Long delays when using xdg-open or firefox --new-tab can be caused by a stale /tmp/firefox_$USER directory. Remove (as root, apparently, or maybe I had a leftover permissions issue there) and you should be good to go.

Because I'm going to need this again: fixing firefox/nss token certificate bug

Documenting this here because Mozilla's docs are bullshit. I have no idea how much kool-aid is needed to actually try and develop extensions for this crock of shit…

For some time now, you can't seem to save settings you make in the security devices settings. (To be exact: you can see them added to the NSS database, but on restarting your thunderbird/firefox, your NSS database is overwritten with one only containing the default entries. Removing permissions fro the relevant database files in the profile directory only leads to the software ignoring them.)

Anyway, so find a elevated javascript console (in thunderbird, that's Ctrl-Shift-J) and paste

Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIPKCS11).addModule("p11autoproxy", "/usr/lib64/", 0, 0); 
Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIPK11TokenDB).findTokenByName("PIV_II (PIV Card Holder pin)").login(true);

Obviously, the name might be different for you – if you manually add the device through the GUI, it's the string listed as "Label".

Next on the list: find out how to either force this early enough in the startup process or to automatically re-select the certs to use for signatures for certain accounts.

Everyday I sing the blues…

Return to work at 8pm because customer had filed a "needs to be fixed urgently" bug earlier today, and I had to request further info to reproduce and hadn't heard back by the end of my work day (which is around 3pm).

Nope, nuttin', other than being a #dienstleistungsheld. Wobei, es könnte weitaus schlimmer sein.

Pump up the retro.

My mind is currently stuck on MARRS. Hey, don't judge me, I grew up with animations of sat solar sails unfolding, and the occasional newspaper piece on where Voyager 2 currently was. I remember being on vacation at my grandma's place when Challenger exploded, the booster rockets making the thing look like a perverse caterpillar made of steam and dead astronauts.


I guess in retrospect, you can say it was obvious that I'd end up in IT, with its tiny automation steps unfolding, trying to build order in a world that is mad chaotic.

What could possible go wrong at that point?

— ölf's turn 1 —
ölf activates the dogma of Metalworking1.
... ölf draws and scores Archery1, Masonry1, City States1, Oars1, Domestication1, and The Wheel1.
... ölf achieves Monument!
... ölf draws Writing1.

Games night A: Clash of Cultures. Yeah, nice, feels a lot like Civilization. Took about four hours though and at the end I was begging them to take my final city so I could be home by 1am.

Games night B: Innovation. Nice, though you probably don't want to play more than three games in a row. 3rd edition Oars seems very overpowered. In a four-player game, it practically cleaned out an age and a half with one play.

The Tw*tter experience

"We just sent you a verification mail." (No, you didn't.) Five minutes on… "Ohai, we've locked your account for violation of the ToS." (No, I haven't. Do you not like that I have an ad blocker? Tough.) "Please give us a phone number to call you to unlock the account." (Yeah, right. Ah well, I can redirect one of the pointless numbers at work…) "This phone number is not supported."

Yeah, I can start to see how the surrealDonald has a case of high blood pressure by the time he gets to type his 140 characters of invective.