Funkenflug aus flammenden Synapsen.

Are we feeling gamy yet?

I seem to have struck a nerve with some peopleā€¦ we did a controlled switch-over to a new administrative file server this week, and thanks to having new blood with job experience here, there was a pre-announcement that went to the detail of "9:45 we switch over, 9:50 we will try to add a new user that will trigger all the automatisms, 9:55 please everybody check your automatisms have been triggered", the way it's supposed to be done.
So I took the opportunity to "award" the two colleagues in question the first "Throw away and Redo From Scratch" RZ commemorative coins (OK, cheap poker chips with stickers on them, hey, I'm doing this out of my pocket as a joke.). Only it was Torsten's day off, so I gave Tom his and said I'd be back. And the next day, Tom came in and said "Torsten's here! Torsten's here!", he really seems to enjoy the concept. Gamification at its best.